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You want to play Airsoft in the Netherlands but you don't know how?
We can help you with the steps to do drive and play legal in the Netherlands.

When you live outside of the Netherlands you will be able to participate in our events.
Just got to Event Info, and select "Evenementen Agenda".
Then select the Event you wanna participate in from the event list.

This will give you some extra information about that event, and at the top the option to register for this event.
You'll see 3 boxes Weekend, Zaterdag and Zondag.

Weekend will sign you in for the whole weekend.
Zaterdag, just for the saturday
Zondag, just for the sunday.

Press the Inschrijven button in the box you would like and fill out the form.
At "type deelnemer" select Foreigner, and the form will change asking for you adres and birthday.
At this moment its still in dutch but we are working on a multi language site.
Straat (street)
Postcode (zipcode)
Plaats (city)
geboortedatum (date of birth)

You will also see a button "Vraag vrijstelling aan" This will take you to the NABV site to ask them for a Exemption request.
This request will take about 2 minutes and will provide you with a PDF File that gives you permission to travel trough the Netherlands with your airsoft devices.

At the end of the form you have a option to pre order BB's

At the top of the form on the right you''ll see an overview of the total cost, and a button "Volgende" to go to the next page.
This page will give you an overview of the selected items
At the bottom there 2 buttons
1) Inschrijven, this will bring you to the payment page.
2) Opnieuw, this will clear all info so you can start over.

After payment you will get a email confirmation, print this and take this to the event.

We are busy to translate our website, if you have some questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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